How to Influence Your Children the Way Christ Influenced the World


Supreme Parenting is about the business of raising a family. It is about you and your behavior. It is about how your responses have a direct effect on how your children behave. Supreme Parenting is about what you are doing wrong and how to do those things right. It is about preparing your children to succeed by first preparing yourself for success. It is about enduring influence, and your ability to produce better-behaved children.


Each inspired chapter brings you one step closer to understanding the true nature of parenting. A quick search of the internet reveals thousands of confusing books and behavior modification programs based on social theory and pseudo-science. The current global trajectory of morality and education proves these methods wrong. While parents drown in Godless confusion, their flawed parenting pulls them further from the family life they desire.


Supreme Parenting reveals a remarkable parenting method discovered through a cross section of parenting, life, and spiritual experience. From toddlers to teenagers, this approach produces results. Imagine your children behaving as you have taught them without pain, pills or clinical practitioners.


Gary T. Kitchings has uncovered an ancient parenting method that produced outstanding behavior for centuries. Mastering this simple process requires nothing more than a basic understanding of the practice and consistent implementation. Turning disrespect and defiance into courtesy and compliance is now doable because Supreme Parenting delivers the knowledge and confidence necessary for you to succeed.

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